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Which is the best movie of 2015?
2015 is one of the most fruitful years of great movie releases. Putting box office sales aside, tell us which among these titles you think deserves to be movie of the year!
Which is the best Star Wars episode?
The much beloved sci-fi epic serie, Star Wars, has come to its seventh installment. Tell us which out of the seven episodes is the best!
Fantastic 4 2015 vs. Fantastic 4 2007, which one is better?
After months of anticipation, Fantastic 4 (2015) has recently been released. Compared to “Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer” in 2007, which one do you think is better?
Which movie of the Fast and Furious Series is the greatest?
Possibly the most aptly named movies ever, these seven films were filled with car chases, car crashes, tough guys talking, and tough guys fighting. Tell us your favorite.
Who is the coolest secret agent?
Have you ever dreamed of being a spy? This summer is delivering an exciting and fun group of heroic agents. Pick the one you like best.
What is your favorite animated film of the summer?
Who do you love more, the little yellow villains’ helpers, or the five personified emotions that live in a young girl’s mind?
What’s your favorite Terminator movie?
Over the past 31 years, the 5 movies of the Terminator franchise have given us some of Hollywood’s most memorable quotes, scenes, and internet memes. Which one do you think is best?
Who is your favorite superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
With twelve films released, and ten more in production, the superhero films from Marvel are the highest grossing film franchise of all time. Which hero inspires and thrills you the most?
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